Tomorrow Maybe opened in late-2018 with a programme of exhibtions that takes Hong Kong as its starting point. Located in Eaton HK, a new hospitality company that marries social change with contemporary culture, Tomorrow Maybe offers a lens into the city for first time visitors and at the same time proposes nuanced readings into the familiar for those who have an intimate relationship to Hong Kong. Projects include new commissions by artists based in Hong Kong, works by international artists providing counterpoint perspectives into the city and group shows by young curators.

Tomorrow Maybe始於2018年底,以香港作為根基發展一系列的展覽項目。位於Eaton HK,一個致力於當代文化交匯及社會創變的嶄新酒店平台內。Tomorrow Maybe為旅者展現了這城市的當代文化視野 ,同時亦也為那些對生活在香港的人提供一個細讀的素材。項目包括與香港藝術家合作的委約創作、國際藝術家以香港作為脈絡而創作的作品以及與年輕策展人合作的聯展等等。 

Team: Chantal Wong & Phoenix Tse Ngo Chun