Yummy Gummy 《夾軟糖》


Exhibition dates 展覽日期:23.08 - 22.09.2019 


《夾軟糖》乃本屆 Women's Festival 特別呈獻的展覽。是次展覽由黃嘉瀛策展,聯合七名風格迴異,特立獨行的本地藝術家,以變幻繽紛的軟糖作思考的引子,於性別常被倒模成形的當代語境下,試圖擺脫現成象徵物的絕對和單一,利用創作釋出並轉移「夾」、「軟糖」等代名詞背後所蘊含,靈活、流動而具韌性的巨大能量。


Gummy candies are soft, gelatin-based chewable sweets. Gummies have a high water content, are available in a wide variety of flavors, and its shape, size, texture is easily manipulable depending on one’s desire and needs. Due to its high sugar content, gummy candies are very high in energy (a.k.a. calories). 

Yummy Gummy is a special exhibition presented by the Women's Festival, curated by Wong Ka Ying. Wong lined up 7 local artists in a critical reflection on the gender moulds and stereotypes we are so often forced into, and the possibilities of resistance. By using the colorful and shape-shifting gummies as the point of entry, their works explore themes such as artificial bodies, beauty, corporeal desire, resistance, fluidity, and flexibility.


1. Alysa Chan 陳倩琳 - 剪就對了!JUST CUT IT! (2019)


 I have been obsessed with short hair since the beginning of 2019. I received  criticism and heard rumours about the way I look with people connecting my hair to my sexual orientation and personality. While I have gotten used to people’s preconceptions of what a female should look like, I have also started to become more determined to keep my hair short - it is as if I am defending my individuality and my right to determine how I dress and look. After I graduate and leave my social circle, I might realise that I have fallen into another kind of trap: my insistence on self-determination has kept my hair short and my appearance different from others, self-consciously. To me, this paradox highlights the fact that while I think I have the right to choose to be who I am and how I look, but in fact, I don’t.  

2.  Chan Ka Kiu 陳嘉翹 - 最好的,給你 I Give You the Best (2019)


The story are the words and the images are facial expressions, together they enter into conversation, as though two people sitting face to face. The metaphors are made carefully, because it is better to be nuanced than inaccurate. And when presented delicately they can also express tenderness. 

3. Cheng Ting Ting 鄭婷婷 - 輕輕的海 Soft Sea (2019)

作為一個女性, 平日總面對諸多定型和框架, 簡單如髮型, 都會惹來非議, 過往剪短髮甚至剷光時, 會有小孩子好奇問我「你是男孩子嗎」, 而走在街上亦不乏路人投以疑惑眼神。

回應這種對性別的刻板印象, 或許我們會用更大力度好好說明, 但我害怕粗糙描述, 因此只選擇分享一個平常陳設, 沒有什麼印象不印象, 只有就是如此, 本來就是原此。

As a woman, its difficult to escape from stereotyping. Judgement is common, even on small things like a hairstyle. When I had short hair or a shaved head, kids would ask if I was a boy and look at me funny.

While there is a tendency to over explain or use strong statements, in order to not misrepresent or direct others’ interpretations, I prefer to express this nuance through the mundane as if it is simply like this, as if this is how it was always meant to be.

4. Ho Sin Tung 何倩彤 - 「我經常在她內航行。」“I’ve often sailed in her.” (2019)


Dictionaries have long been regarded as a truthful tool through which to understand the world. Despite how legitimate it seems, it is not simply an unbiased reflection of the society that produces it. Editing actively re-invents the world through categorisation, labelling and selection of words, and all of them are carefully assigned to two available genders. This is an on-going research and writing project based on the Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary, in which the artist extracts several sentences which involve the pronoun “She”, and re-arranges those fragmented moments into short stories.

5.  Irving Cheung 張蚊 -

瘋癲手術 The Crazy Surgery (2013)


Since my second surgery at the age of 30, I have been making artwork based on a video my doctor helped me record during my spinal fusion operation. I found it very difficult to watch the video revealing the inside of my body until 8 months later, I sped up the video from 6 hours to 6 minutes, and changed the colour composition of the blood and flesh.  My use of speeding up is meant to shorten the duration of time for viewing and simultaneously to reduce the viewer’s attention to the ‘detail, movement and change’ of the operation.  Everything is a transient experience, including pain. In the blink of an eye, the surgical hand of life has taken its toll. Whatever we are to suffer actually ends much faster than we imagine, if we simply allow pain to stay in the moment, and let it go, gracefully, from moment to moment.

我最愛的裙子 My Favourite Dress (2015)

我最愛的裙子上面的圖案就是由《瘋癲手術》(2013) 錄像抽取的硬照印製而成。這件就是我在婚禮上穿的嫁衣。當人人都走過來讚賞我這件圖案原創而華麗的嫁衣,郤全然不知那些原來是我那恐怖手術的圖像時,我承認我的確心中有點暗喜。原來讓那東西看起來不太痛苦,的確會令痛苦減少。所以將我的痛苦偽裝成一條漂亮的裙子來表現時,不只給觀賞者製造了一個假像,亦同時令我自己也被說服了。這個經驗,毫無欵問是痛苦的,但也可以是美麗的。

My Favourite Dress was printed with still images taken from The Crazy Surgery (2013) video. I wore it on my wedding day.  I have to admit I experienced a sort of “secret pleasure” when people came to admire the gorgeous, original patterns on my wedding dress, without knowing these were, in fact, images taken from my gruesome operation.  By making something look less painful, it really becomes less painful. Therefore, by presenting my pain in the guise of a beautiful dress, I am also creating a false perception among viewers that in reflex, have myself convinced that what I have been going through, while undoubtedly painful, could be a beautiful experience where the beauty of pain can be shared and openly admired.

6.  Tsang Ching, Sadako 曾晴(晴晴) - 私人感晴 My Personal Feelings (2016-2019)



“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones,” beauty entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein famously declared. As an Otokonoko - a self-made woman - I am devoted to crafting myself. As biological males dressing up as women, Otokonoko don’t age well, but while we are young and beautiful, we record and enjoy every beautiful moment, and live it to the fullest.

When I recall what inspires and compels me to create, it is always my wild fantasies and spontaneity: imagining my own wedding, wanting to experience bondage… being able to realize my dreams and fantasies is the most fulfilling and rewarding part of being an Otokonoko artists.

7.  Yu Shuk Pui Bobby 余淑培 -

《√念珠2》《√C.albicans x Rosary》(2019)


在患念珠菌的時候長期痕癢得不到一份安靜 ,巧妙地念珠作為其中靜思冥想一個道具,念珠對他們的使用者可能有物理、形而上學和心理的作用。由於數珠由手指的撥動,它們允許使用者記錄多少自己已經重複過的事情,當我們跳出相對遠的距離觀察這一場無限絶望輪迴,你會發現,只有平靜面對才可回到日常,只是回歸日常才可擺脫輪迴,不管你是患者如否,不管是念珠菌或其他。 

Imagine you encounter a situation that has been around for a long time, you use different methods to solve it, but it still comes back, eventually, you reach a state of collapse. Whether you are a virgin or not, as long as you are suffering, it will follow you for the rest of your life.

When I was suffering from Candida, there was a continuous itch and never a moment of quiet. The rosary is a subtle prop for meditation, it has a physical, metaphysical and psychological effect on its user. Since the beads are moved through the fingers, they allow the user to record how many times they have repeated the same thing. Through meditation, we can create distance to observe this ‘eternal return’, you may find that only through this practice can one break out of the ‘eternal return’ and enter back into our daily life. Returning to our daily life allows us to break out of the ‘eternal return’, whether you are a patient or not, whether it is Candida or not.

You're so SMALL, so CHINESE. 「你的胸部真精緻,真中國。」(2015)


The artist commodified her own body by applying the size of her breasts to produce silicone sex toys. Her breasts have lost their character when they are no longer unique to herself. Anyone can own them. They become as banal as a product. Silicone, as an artificial substance, suggests phony nature of the object. When “China” is just an adjective the identity of a country is just an imagination.

8.  Clit Revolution 陰蒂革命

陰蒂起革命!在#metoo運動之後,女性在公共領域開始擁有談論關於自己身體的空間,慢慢掀開關於女性身體和慾望的種種禁忌和規限。《陰蒂革命》是由女性主義者Elvire Duvelle-Charles 和Sarah Constantin創作的網上紀錄短片特輯,帶大家探索女性的情慾與力量。

What if it were the start of a whole new movement? The post #metoo era has finally given women a voice and exposed the numerous taboos that surround our bodies and our desires. Written and directed by feminist activists Elvire Duvelle-Charles and Sarah Constantin, the documentary series Clit Revolution, reveals a world where being a woman is all about pleasure and power.